Supreme Polartec Crusher release guide

Post EU update:


  • ColorsOnly change is pink -> magenta. I was right about everything else. Thanks for doubting my rust and blue :)
  • Site crashed: Like expected the site got very slow and crashed for a few moments. Just patiently refresh every couple of seconds. US crashing will be worse.
  • New: The hoodie didn't show up in 'new' for a couple of minutes for me. Recommend you use the 'Sweatshirt' category just incase it happens again.
  • Search: For keywords to be able to work quickly the bot sends requests to the backend of the site for you to find the correct items. When the site is crashing and lagging that process takes longer. This release might be one of the exceptions when using the color, atc, and navigate to checkout switches might be a better move than using keywords. Up to you though, can always use keywords and atc manually if things don't get picked up right away.
  • Mobile Keywords: Word on the block is they are messing with the item names on the backend. It's kinda unpredictable where they will mess things up. If you still want to try keywords I have updated the keywords to 'b'. This will pick up the hoodie since its the only item in Sweatshirts. If you use this make sure you change the category to 'Sweatshirts'. If your using desktop, I believe the current keywords should work fine.


The week has finally come

General reminder:

This is without a doubt the most hyped drop of the season. There will be millions and millions of requests being sent. This will result in a laggy, glitched out site and maybe a crash or two. Be patient and give things time to load. If things crash and get slow it will be happening to everybody trying to access the site, not just you. If you just start spamming refresh you will run into the risk of banning your IP so don't do that. But the most important thing is to have fun.


  • red
  • rust
  • pink
  • magenta
  • black
  • blue
  • grey
  • lime

Green: 99% positive

Yellow: 85% positive

Orange: 70% postive

I will tweet out updated colors if needed after the EU drop


Suggested settings below. These are ONLY suggestions if you have had success with your own settings feel free to continue using those. These are just what I would personally be using. If you have been having issues with settings similar to these keep reading for more tips.

     Lite: Color - <insert desired color> ON

             Auto ATC - ON

             Auto navigate to checkout - ON

             Auto click pay - OFF

             Autofill CC - ON

             Desktop - OFF

     Premium: Keywords - ON

                     Auto click pay - OFF

                     Autofill CC - ON 

                     Desktop - OFF

Card decline:

Some things that have helped other users

  • Manually typing in cvv. You can do this by keeping autofill CC on and leaving your cvv blank in your billing profile.
  • Using desktop site. You can do this by durning the desktop switch on
  • Change IP. When using cellular connection turning airplane mode on and off should give you a new ip. Switching wifi networks should assign a new IP.
  • New info, i.e card, address, etc

FAQ for dum dums

Q: What delay should I use

A: 0 - 5000, up to you

Q: Can I buy 10

A: No

Q: Can you restock rn I'll throw an extra $5

A: No

Q: I still get captcha

A: See next question

Q: 99% of question's

A: Probably already answered here