Supreme week 1

Tomorrow is the first drop of Spring / Summer 2018. For those not aware week 1 is usually a mess from crashes and weird errors. No one knows of the exact changes that could be made at the last second. To be safest I would recommend not using keywords for week 1. It will be a long season and there will be plenty of time to use keywords once everything is tweaked and updated. 

My recommended settings and what I will personally be using is auto add to cart and auto fill card info. Auto add to cart will add the default color to cart and should only be used if a) going for 1 item and you set the color or b) going for item(s) with only 1 color choice or c) You don't care about what color.


There will be a update later today, just fixing up a couple small things so make sure you check TestFlight before the drop.

I will be up after the EU drop to look for anything’s that need to be fixed and may push another update before the US drop. Keep in mind they usually save big changes to affect the US store first since it is more botted and gets more traffic. Just incase I recommend having your card number copied.

Don’t forget to login to gmail and read the updated guide

If big changes are made I will working all week to get everything smoother for week 2 🖤🖤🖤 


UPDATE: New update is processing right now. Couple things I needed to update after the EU drop. Only things that I ran out of time to fix are auto select color and desktop site. Those will be fixed soon. Keywords are working in update coming out shortly for EU site but we will have to wait and see if US has any different problems. Good luck :)