Yeezy Supply guide


If you would like to receive notifications if/when the password page goes live make Yeezy Supply Notification Switch is turned on. The only way that you won't hear/see the alert is if you are currently using the app (background, lock screen, and closed is fine). I will be sending out a test notification at 6pm PST tonight.


To ensure you hear the notification, make sure you are not on silent mode and turn the ringer slider all the way up in settings > sounds.


Keywords are not supported for Yeezy Supply. Instead your sizes listed here will be added to cart automatically when you visit a product page. Mine are set to size Large and size 10.


Home: Takes you to the home page of a site. You should be clicking this when the password page is up.

Refresh: Refreshes the current page.

Switch Profile: Allows you to switch profile to be autofilled.

Clear Cart/Bypass: Used to empty your cart bypass the line (more info below)


During the release, sizes will begin to appear above the clear cart button. Once a size you would like to buy is available, simply click the size and you should be brought straight to checkout. 

Note: Not all sizes will show up instantly. Sizes will fill in as the release goes on. So you should be trying to add to cart on your own and get in line as fast as possible. While you are in line, periodically check to see if your size is available to bypass the line.