Time: 11:00 am PST

Password: Direct link with password attached will be tweeted @SwiftRyB.


Product page will have a required email field. This is the email that you will use to login to Casper Cop.


Things to know

  • This bot is iOS only. No android or desktop support.
  • There is a yearly renewal fee.
  • There is no key. To access your account you enter a email and password.
  • If you have had Casper Cop before your email/password will be the same.
  • No private sales will be made outside of the restock. If you are not able to buy at this time please do not message me begging to sell just one more to you. All requests will be ignored.
  • I do not help with 3rd party sales. If you are buying or selling to someone that is for you to handle and make sure is secure.


Ways to get cancelled

  • No email entered on product page. Do not use any direct add to cart links. This will cause you to skip the required field.
  • Entering an invalid email. For example entering something that does not include '@'.
  • Entering a email on the product page that is already linked to a current paid account. Each email can only have 1 account.



  • To access Casper you will need an app called TestFlight. It is available in the App Store and is made by Apple.
  • Within 30 minutes of placing your order you will receive an email inviting you to download Casper through TestFlight. If you do not get a invite you can manually request one here. You can also set up your password here.
  • Once you have installed Casper if you are logging in for the first time you will need to set up your password by clicking forgot password on the login screen.



Q: I have a pending charge but I got a sold out error?

A: Unfortunately it sold out while Shopify was working on processing your payment. The pending charge should fall off in the next couple of days. 


With restocks there are always going to be people unhappy claiming there was too many or too little restocked. I try to keep it fair with out being super over saturated.  Thank you for the support and good luck